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Roles & Responsibilities

Governing Bodies work in partnership with the Head Teacher, Local Authority and community of the school to provide the best possible education for their pupils.
Governors have three key roles:

Working Strategically

Defining the school’s values, vision and aims, to discuss and agree plans and policies.
Inputting to the School development plans which must cover the immediate future of the school and show the longer progress the school will make over a period of 3-5 years.

Acting as a Critical Friend

Supporting the Head Teacher and staff, as well as constructively challenging and building on their expectations to ensure that the best possible outcomes for children are achieved.

Ensuring Accountability

Governors answer for their decisions and the school’s performance to key stakeholders – parents, carers, teachers & staff.
To do so they must receive information from the Head Teacher that helps them decide what is working well and where further improvement is necessary.