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Meals & Milk

School Dinners

A cafeteria meal, which offers children a wide choice of well-balanced cooked meals, is served each day. Dinners are cooked on the premises by staff employed by Hertfordshire Catering Ltd. A choice of menu is available, including a salad bar, and the majority of children do have a school meal. Children starting school, eating school dinners, tend to be less fussy eaters and enjoy the social side of eating a meal with others. The cook is able to cater for children with special dietary requirements, including vegetarians and allergies. All children stay on the premises during the midday break when they are supervised by a team of supervisory assistants.

Currently all Infant children (Reception through to Year 2) are entitled to receive free school meals, under the Universal Free School Meals Scheme. Payment for school meals begins in Year 3, in advance and parents will subsequently be credited for any absences. Parents are encouraged to pay by cheque, either termly or half-termly. Cheques should be made payable to Herts Catering Ltd. The Office Manager will notify parents individually at the beginning of each new half-term of the amount to be paid. If parents wish to pay weekly, the correct money should be sent on the first day of the week in a sealed envelope bearing the child’s name. Parents in receipt of income support can apply for free school meals (further details can be obtained from the school office).

Some children may wish to bring a packed lunch. Parents are asked to send such lunches in a secure container that is not too large as storage space is limited. If bringing a packed lunch, no nuts are allowed (this includes peanut butter). Drinking water is always available at lunch time.

Parents are asked to give at least two weeks’ notice at the end of each half term if they want their child to change from school dinners to packed lunch, or vice versa, as the changes can affect staff hours in the kitchen. Please note, we are unable to facilitate ad hoc changes through the term. It is possible to have a combination of school dinners and packed lunches during a week, which is selected by the parents. Again, changes to this schedule can only be made at the beginning of a new term or half-term.

Milk, Snacks and Water

All children may have a daily third of a pint of milk. This is drunk during the morning break. Milk has to be paid for by parents in advance for the term. Refunds cannot be given for occasional absences. Parents of Reception children are given details when their child starts school. Other parents are notified at the end of each term, when orders are placed.

Children in the Infants receive a free piece of fruit and vegetable each morning playtime (e.g. an apple, a banana, a carrot). The Juniors are offered any spare fruit/veg that has not been used by the Infants. Children in the Juniors can bring mid-morning snacks such as a small plain biscuit, a piece of fruit or something similar. Crisps and sweets are not acceptable. Parents are asked to provide a named plastic water bottle with a “sports style” top, which can be used for drinking water at any time. There are drinking water taps in each classroom and two drinking fountains in the playground. The children are encouraged to drink water regularly.