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Year 6

Website Letter to parents:

Hello again,

We hope you all had a good week and are looking forward to coming to school soon; we shall keep our fingers crossed for June 1st and hope that all is safe and well for us to meet again.

As usual, there is a list of Maths and English activities for 5 days.  It is presented day by day but for the most part, it does not matter which order the tasks are completed or whether you decide to mix and match. However, the English lessons entitled ‘Job Application’ and ‘If I were King –poem’ are best done in that order as the learning progresses in that way.

For Mathletics, the ‘Learn’ zone tasks need to be completed before the ‘Explore’ zone tasks can be accessed. So, try to work hard to complete the Learn zone tasks first so that you have the chance to do those in the Explore area.  For this reason, I will not put any new Learn tasks on the website until Sunday evening and then it will give you a chance to do the other tasks. The old Explore tasks will be renewed so that people who submitted answers too soon/ want to have the chance to have a go again, can. New Explore tasks will also be available.  Well done all those children who have reached and worked hard on these so far!

Again it has been a pleasure to see some of the high quality work which some of you have shared.  We would like to thank parents once again for ‘stepping up’ to the role of teacher.  It is not easy when many of you have other jobs and commitments.

We look forward to having a chat with you individually on Monday morning, just to see how you’ve been getting on over these past few weeks. 

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your weekend; it looks as though the warmer weather may return!

The Year 6 Team.

You can find this weeks  activities below beginning with 18.05