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Year 6


Visit to the Department of Education    

We are so proud that a group of children from Year 6 at Maple school were invited to the Department for Education to bring alive the ‘Voice of the Child’  for the Permanent Secretary’s Stakeholder group on 1st December.
The Permanent Secretary, Susan Ackland- Hood, is the most senior civil servant in the Department for Education. She began the permanent secretary stakeholder group towards the beginning of the pandemic. The group is a gathering of senior interested parties that enables conversation, the exchange of ideas and the identification of solutions to some of the challenges that schools are facing. The group wanted to hear directly from the children about of their experience of school and their ambitions for the future. Children from Maple primary school gave a truly fantastic insight into their hopes, dreams and ambitions emphasising the importance of school to academic, physical and mental wellbeing.
In addition, the children were given the opportunity to present their thoughts to the Secretary of State, Nadhim Zahawi.