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Summer Term 2019

Fri 7th June PTA Cake Sale (Yr 1 parents to organise)
Mon 10th June - Fri 14th June Phonics testing for Year 1 pupils to take place this week
Tue 11th June Yr 3 visit to Celtic Harmony: Stone Age Day
Tue 11th June, 2:45pm Reception Class ‘Learning Together’ (parents welcome to visit class)
Fri 14th June Class and Team photos to be taken
Sat 15th June PTA Summer Fair
Tue 18th June District Sports Field and Relay Events at Westminster Lodge (for some Year5 & Year6 pupils)
Thu 20th June District Sports Track Events at Westminster Lodge(for some KS 2 pupils)
Tue 25th June District Sports Track Events reserve date
Tue 25th June Reception Sept 19 new entrants 1st visit pm
Wed 26th June - Fri 28th June Year 5 residential visit to Gilwell Park
Fri 28th June Year 6 Business Launch – afternoon
Mon 1st July, 2:45pm Recorder Concert for Year 3 parents
Tue 2nd July Reception Sept 18 new entrants 2nd visit – p.m.
Thu 4th July, 7:30pm - 9:00pm Welcome presentation for parents of Sept 18 Reception entrants
Fri 5th July Annual Written Reports sent home today
Fri 5th July Infants Party, organised by the PTA (after-school)
Mon 8th July, 1:30pm Yr 5 & 6 Production Performance to school & parents with pre-school pupils
Mon 8th July, 7:00pm Yr 5 and 6 Production Performance to parents
Tue 9th July Reception Sept 18 new entrants 3rd visit – p.m.
Tue 9th July - Thu 11th July, 3:30pm - 5:00pm Transition meetings between teachers & parents of pupils who have an IEP
Wed 10th July Emergency First Aid training for Year 6 (a.m.)
Wed 10th July, 7:00pm Yr 5 and 6 Production Performance to parents
Thu 11th July Year 6 visit secondary schools
Fri 12th July Key Stage 2 Winning House Treat (p.m.)
Fri 12th July PTA Cake Sale (Reception parents to organise)
Sat 13th July - Sun 14th July camp out (on school field)
Mon 15th July Infant Sports
Mon 15th July Junior Sports
Mon 15th July Start times may be moved to 11 for Infants and 1.30 for Juniors, dependent on weather
Mon 15th July, 12:15pm - 1:15pm Parents are welcome to have a picnic lunch with children on the field
Mon 15th July, 5:30pm - 7:30pm Yr 6 parents/pupils and staff BBQ
Tue 16th July, 12:00am (Reserve date for Infant and Junior Sports)
Tue 16th July Talent Show – p.m.
Tue 16th July, 3:30pm Yr 6 v staff rounders match
Wed 17th July Reception and Year 6 games afternoon at Clarence Park
Wed 17th July, 11:00am - 12:00pm Pupils taught by Sept. teachers and in new classrooms
Thu 18th July Year 6 end of term visit to ‘Go Ape’
Thu 18th July, 6:30pm - 8:00pm Junior Disco
Fri 19th July, 8:40am - 1:30pm Term Ends

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