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The Governing body delegate some areas of work to the following governor committees:




Pay & Personnel

  • To advise the Governing Body on Pay and Personnel issues
  • To monitor all staffing arrangements
  • To monitor the staff training programme each term
  • To monitor the Performance Management cycle
  • To ensure appropriate policies are drafted and regularly reviewed for approval by the Full Governing Body


  • To provide guidance to the Governing Body on all financial matters
  • To ensure the school offers value for money
  • To propose an annual budget within LEA constraints for Governing Body approval
  • To identify how the school’s resources can be best aligned with the School Development Plan
  • To consider the findings of financial audits and ensure appropriate action is taken to satisfy recommendations
  • To set financial plans which enable the strategic vision of the school to be achieved
  • To monitor the financial position of the school against the budget and to consider any recommendations from other committees that have a financial impact


  • To advise the Governing body on the school’s curriculum statements
  • To review the individual subject policies
  • To receive information from the Head & staff about how the curriculum is taught, monitored, evaluated etc.
  • To ensure the needs of children with Special Educational Needs are met.
  • To review the information on the school’s performance.
  • To make recommendations for improvements after consultation with the Head and staff following an Ofsted inspection.


  • To prioritise the routine maintenance of the school premises
  • To identify Health and Safety issues including fire prevention
  • To follow LEA guidelines on serious incidents
  • To identify capital expenditure priorities
  • To ensure Asset Management plans are reviewed and progress monitored
  • To monitor provision and value for money of premises related services
  • To ensure appropriate policies are in place
  • To ensure there is adequate insurance in place in respect of buildings and contents
  • To monitor the use of school premises and achieve appropriate balance between income generation and the provision of facilities within the community