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Welcome to Sport at Maple!

This is your insight into what we are doing in PE and School Sport in the 2016 / 2017 year…

In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for PE and sport. This PE allocated funding is intended to ‘…improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.’ (Ofsted, 2013)

The funding is allocated to each school and is dependent upon their number of pupils – Maple is receiving around £8,910 in 16/17. Schools determine their own spending; looking to improve the quality and breadth of PE / sport, looking to increase participation, encourage healthy lifestyles and the quality of PE and extra-curricular provision.

At Maple we highly value PE and school sport, so have further supported and supplemented the School Sport Funding with school general budget to fund the areas which can be found in the document below.

Again this year Maple are looking to enter into as many events as possible. As always we are entering football and netball teams, District Sport athletics teams, indoor athletics teams, Rock Challenge Dance, cross country teams and a team into the Swimming Gala. However, with lots more opportunities open to us locally, we can look forward to entering many more intra and inter-school events!

Check out our sports noticeboard and Monday Messages for additional information on the forthcoming events and competitions.