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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Sale organised by the PTA. Thank you.

Red Nose Day

Pupils laid their donations on the “MAPLE!” sign in the playground in aid of Comic Relief.

Maple Netball Team

Maple netball team had a very exciting and successful day at the St.Albans schools District Netball tournament.

Reception – Visit from the Police and Fire

Reception had a very exciting week. The Police and Fire Fighters came to visit them.

Tree Planting

The charity Groundwork, recently donated fruit trees to schools in St Albans to ‘help schools blossom with biodiversity’

Maple Primary School’s Indoor Athletics Team

Overall winners at the St Albans Sports Network Sports Hall Athletics Final

Headteacher For The Day

Pupil from Year 2 enjoyed the role of Headteacher for the day.

Feeling Good Week-Sharing Languages

Parents came in to share a book with the children in a different language.

Feeling Good Week – Giving, An Act of Kindness.

All the children in the school decorated a biscuit to gift to someone special.

Year 6 Bletchley Park

World War Two Codebreakers