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COVID-19 Information

Information  regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

COVID-19 Arrangements

The children will remain in ‘class bubbles’ throughout the day, including playtimes. There will be no mixing of children between the class bubbles.

On the days when the children have a PE lesson they may continue to come to school wearing their PE kit. Please ensure for the children that any shoulder length hair is firmly tied back before coming to school.

The ‘no touching’ rule will continue, to include playground sessions and PE lessons / clubs.

Start times for Juniors are between 8.35 a.m. and 8.45 a.m.; and for Infants they are between 8.50 a.m. and 9.00 a.m. – not earlier.
If you have children in both the Infants and Juniors, they should all arrive between 8.35 a.m. and 8.45 a.m. – not later.

Pick up times are:
3 p.m Infants who have no Junior siblings
3.10 p.m. Infants who have Junior siblings; and Juniors who have Infant siblings
3.20 p.m. Juniors who do not have Infant siblings

Only one parent or guardian should drop off and pick up their child/children to reduce the number on the school premises. Parents of children in Years 5 and 6 are encouraged to drop off and collect their children outside the school grounds.

Please use the one-way system for entering and leaving the school grounds – entering from Townsend Avenue, by the gate in front of the main reception area; and exiting the playground by using the path to Hall Place Gardens, taking particular care to maintain a 2m distance at all times.

Please refrain from lengthy face-to-face conversations with staff or other families, maintaining a 2m distance at all times; and do leave the school grounds straight away, after dropping and/or collecting your child/children. Please do not allow the children to play in the playground after school.

If meetings between parents and staff are required, these should take place via telephone conversations or via Google Meets, with appointments having been made. Please do not approach and come close to the staff for conversations when dropping off / picking up. Email messages to the teachers should be sent to the admin email address and they will be forwarded to the relevant teacher.

Parents are requested to telephone or email the office staff, rather than coming to the main reception area, whenever possible. Any parents who do enter the school buildings should use hand gel before entering. Only one adult is permitted in the entrance area at any one time and no children are allowed in at all.

Parents entering the school grounds / buildings are requested to wear a face mask at all times (unless they are exempt).

If your child comes to school late (i.e. after the gate is locked at 9 a.m.) please make contact with the office staff through the main reception window and someone will come and unlock the gate, to enable your child to access their classroom. Please, however, try to avoid this situation by arriving on time in the morning.

Additional cleaning arrangements will be maintained, undertaken by Mr. Meek, our Site Manager, during the school day and by our two cleaners who work in the evenings.

If your child is physically sick or has diarrhoea, then the advice from School Health is that you should keep him/her off school for a full 48 hours, to reduce the likelihood of any spread of infection. If your child displays COVID-19 symptoms (persistent cough, high temperature and/or a loss of taste/smell) then please keep your child at home until they have had a negative test result. In addition, if a member of your household displays COVID-19 symptoms, please keep your child off school until the family member concerned has taken a COVID-19 test.

If, however, your child is tested positive for COVID-19, it is imperative that you inform the school as soon as possible. Please don’t assume that the school will be contacted by Track and Trace as this may not happen or there may be a delay in the information being passed on. Parents/carers should inform the school immediately if a child were to receive a positive test result, so that the school can contact Herts Public Health department, be guided by them and take appropriate action as soon as possible, which will include advising parents/carers of other children in the relevant class ‘bubble.’

Thank you for your support of these rules/reminders which are there to ensure the safety and well-being of all pupils and members of the school community.