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Playground Squad

At Maple School we believe all children have the right to an enjoyable lunchtime.  To help make playtime a happy place we have a team of volunteers from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 who are part of Playground Squad.

Playground Squad wear a yellow band so they can be recognised in the playground. 

In the playground there is a new Friendship Bench where children can go and sit if they are lonely or sad.  Members of Playground Squad will talk to them and encourage them to join in other games in the playground.  Each term there is a competition to design a Friendship Bench poster.  The children have been very creative and designed some fantastic posters!

The school also has a shed in which we keep all the playground squad equipment such as hula- hoops, skipping ropes, balls, and lots more!  The Playground Squad is in charge of opening the shed, getting out the equipment and organising games, ringing the bell and putting the equipment back.

Playground Squad play a variety of games such as ‘Duck duck goose, What’s the time Mr Wolf?

A few words from the Playground Squad

  • Sarah- “We help children play new games.  You will find us outside wearing a yellow sash.”
  • Natasha- “We give out toys and equipment”
  • Libby C- “We help children if there is a problem.”
  • Livia- “We care about the children and help them.”
  • Zoe- “We help children find their friends and organise games.”